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    The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 system certification and the test of Labsports. At the same time, the international FIFA product testing and site is in progress. The company has introduced several advanced machines from Britain, such as Cobble tufting machines with 4-5 meters width, and Australia ATS backing machine with 80Meter length, which is the most advantage machine in the world, can make backing for SBR (Latex) or all PU, and several combination devices for high-quality grass fiber. Thanks to these superior equipment and high-end technological innovation and foreign management system, we are able to provide high quality and good price to our customers.
  • 2021-01-20

Artificial lawns are slowly becoming a staple in more and more homes around the world. In fact, in some places, there are laws being introduced to how they should be maintained. Lawns are beautiful facades that give onlookers an idea of what the rest of your home looks like. Although there’s a bit of work required, it doesn’t deny the fact that it adds to the curb appeal of any building.

1. Use it for Framing

Home improvement doesn’t always require that you tear down certain parts and replace them with new fixtures. Oftentimes, home improvement just means highlighting the beauty of your home that already exists in the first place. Just like this home. The synthetic grass was used to frame the decorative edges around the trees which kept the whole area looking neat and well-maintained.

2. Combine with Ornamental Plants

Your front lawn doesn’t have to look old and boring. You can combine your concrete walkway with artificial turf and decorate with ornamental plants. This way you create contrast between the hard and cold concrete and the warmth of live plants. Much better if you invest in plants that produce brightly colored flowers.

3. Putting Greens with a View

You see it in golf courses. The perfectly green grass as far as your eyes can see. A group of trees here and there are nothing special. But did you know that you can actually doll up your putting greens at home by adding a touch of color? In fact, once you add flowering plants around your putting turf, it can double as a place where you can relax and unwind and just appreciate the pleasant mix of colors.

4. Neat Porch for Chilling

 This porch is a good example of a contemporary landscape. The clean lines and the corners make the area look modern and gives a homey feel. Maintenance costs can be kept at a minimum with this setup because it does not require watering and mowing. You also get a free cleaning service (minus the mud) every time it rains! Just one of the many advantages of artificial grass in open areas.

5. Use for Accents

You can also use synthetic turf to make a statement or to express your creativity. Like with this pathway, the synthetic turf was used to create floor art. The fake turf makes the straight lines more distinct and the hanging pebbles stand out more.


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